Brigade Road Companions Services


I am working as independent Bangalore Companions for more than 3 years. Well, that is quite a long time, but I never felt stressed out or bored. I feel like I have just joined this industry, and enjoying every bit of it. A lot of Models in Bangalore have their own perceptions about their services. Some looks for money, while some comes to this industry for enjoyment. Well, to be honest, both money and fun were my mottos when I opted for joining Companions service industry. I am a passionate girl – trendy, hot and sophisticated. I love to spend time with hot men, getting coddled by them. Working as Companions in Bangalore is challenging. One needs to keep herself properly maintained to make clients happy. For example, I have an amazing feminine physique, and I know that men would not be able to resist themselves when they see me. Though my body is my asset, I need to work on my skills to sustain in this industry. Firstly, professional Companions should understand professional ethics. Every industry has its goals, and Companion industry aims to give good companionship and pleasure to clients. I consider myself successful as an Companion, if clients appreciate my companionship.

To stay in this field for a long time, I have worked on my skills, looks and appearances. Mostly CEO or company managers or corporate employees look for Companions in the city of Bangalore. This is the reason need a few makeover on my personality to impress clients. I am soft spoken, simple and well mannered. My soft and caring nature impress clients and I try to give them soothing as well as alluring companionship. People enjoy my companionship as they find me an absolutely superb listener – I can be your best friend. In a nutshell, Companions service is all about making clients happy. To make clients happy eroticism plays a big role. Though Bangalore Companions service is not all about providing service, eroticism is a big integral part of this industry. Being a passionate lady, I love to get naughty with my clients. I can give sizzling nude body massage with naughty body contacts. I can provide High Class Modeling a different form of nude massage which is relaxing and soothing. I am good in erotic dancing, and my move will surely make you aroused. I can do a private striptease for my clients, if they wish to see my beautiful goes completely out of cloths. As female Companions in Bangalore only those are appreciated who have love and passion for their jobs. I am the one, having extremely high passion for this field. I love mingling with men of different ages. I can make any man aroused with my erotic moves or gestures. I love being enjoyed by a man on the bed. All these things make me a successful Companions in Bangalore. I love this job, and I want to continue it further. In future, I shall continue exploring the fun of this industry.